Thankful November 23, 2015

Posted by Paige Dunn | Paige's Parenting Collective

Bedtime is my favorite time with my kids. This is when we share our hearts, check in, etc. Every night, we say bedtime prayers and I ask Hayden who we should pray for. We started a new thing lately that we sometimes do instead of prayers. We give thanks. We go back and forth listing all the things we are thankful for. I am loving this! At the end of the day, whether it was a good or bad day, we count our blessings. I started this as an exercise for him because he started showing signs of not being super grateful for what he had. There is no talk of what we don’t have—only what we do. I always remark that not all people have food in their bellies. What a blessing to go to bed not hungry. We have cozy beds, our health, family we love . . . Read Full Post

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