Don’t Be a Foil Slave, Get Balayage April 17, 2014

Posted by Paige Dunn | Bringing Sexy Back

I hear from moms all the time that they need a new look. They are needing something to brighten them up.

I found a great solution: balayage. I used to be a slave to the foil grow-out. With two little ones, I just couldn’t be hitting the salon that often. I needed something a little more forgiving.

Ty, at Gene Juarez in Bellevue, helped me make the switch, and I love it. Ty is a dynamic, artistic, fun, great-at-what-she-does colorist.

What is balayage? It’s a French method of adding color to hair. Of course, that means it is painted on; it’s an art form. Ty describes it as a sweeping technique that is stylized and customized to your haircut. Instead of foils, plastic is laid over the top of the painted hair, and you sit under a drying disk that moves around your head. The best part about balayage for me is it is way less damaging to my hair and I can go a long time between services—and the grow-out line isn’t obvious. Try it out; tell Ty hi for me! Read Full Post