Road Trip Tips for Brave Moms January 25, 2017

Posted by Paige Dunn | Mini Mom Adventure

Yesterday I completed my first road trip alone with Hayden. We drove from Seattle to Sun Valley. I like this drive. I also prefer driving to flying because it gives me flexibility in how much I can bring and when I want to leave and come home—and then there is no need for a rental car. Sun Valley is my family’s second home. I grew up coming here. I’ve never been one to do much planning for a road trip. I’m more a “throw clothes in a bag and go” kind of girl. Just under two years ago, when H was born, that grab-and-go lifestyle came to a screeching halt.

This trip alone with H went so well it made me think that (a) H is an amazing little car traveler, and (b) I did something right in preparing for this trip. Just in case my great preparation had something to do with it, I’m going to share my strategy.

Tip 1

Pack a bag for each person and one family bag. The family bag is in case people need to change clothes mid-trip due to, well, usual road trip casualties. It is also there in case the trip isn’t going well and you need to abort, grab a hotel room with a pool, and finish the trip the next day. In our family bag, I packed PJs, toiletries, one set of extra clothes for each person, and a swim suit per person. Thankfully, we got lucky and never had to use the family bag. Read Full Post

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