Hayden’s Fifth Birthday—Lego Theme! September 15, 2014

Posted by Paige Dunn | Family Celebrations

I was a last-minute planner this year, but I pulled it together. Here’s what I did for the Lego party—also my makeshift way of saying thank you to everyone without writing notes. Hayden tears into the gifts when nobody is looking and leaves me with the big problem: How do you thank people for gifts when you don’t know who bought what?

Hayden picked his theme, Legos! Great, easy (so I thought). We went to the party store to get decorations. Apparently that theme is passé and they no longer carry it. Oh, great! I picked up plates, cutlery, and napkins in the Lego colors there at least.

Next the cake. Apparently because summer is wedding season, most small cake shops book waaaaay out. One woman laughed at me saying they book out at least two months in advance. It was grim. So I ordered plain white cupcakes from Safeway (which happened to be on sale). Found the circles to cut out online for free :) , and attached the Lego-font circles with toothpicks to the cupcakes. Some said his name. Others had the number five and some had Lego heads. It was more work, but I liked having Hayden help with his party. I felt like it was a good opportunity to show him these parties don’t just happen; they require a ton of work.  Read Full Post