The Popcorn Has WHAT in It?! June 25, 2016

popcornMy love for popcorn all started at my next-door neighbor’s house. The Mullallys had six kids and there were usually a few neighbor kids over at any given time, so we had a good pack. Anyway, Mrs. Mullally was a fabulous cook and would serve up a gigantic quantity of popcorn in a tin bowl. She always had parmesan, salt, and butter in it. There was probably some secret Italian ingredient I didn’t know about, too. Anyway, all of us would jump on top of the table with the bowl in the middle and inhale. This was serious business. No words were uttered except the occasional, “Johnny, you’re hogging it all.” We all learned to double fist at that table. There was an art to getting your share of the popcorn without looking grabby before it was gone.

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