2017 year-end wrap up. Can’t wait to meet you 2018

I have to start this look back with the obvious. This year definitely didn’t end how I had imagined it would.

I started the year in Sun valley, where I have started and ended every year since I was about nine years old. This year was a little different though. I was engaged to be married at the beginning of 2017 and life took a turn during the year. I’m ending the year single but not alone.

I am so blessed with Hayden, Pemberley and a great family and friends. Relationship status change aside I have had a great year filled with so many exciting adventures, amazing travel and many firsts for me and the kids. You have got to check out the links to the trips I took because they need to be on your bucket list if you haven’t been before.


If you know me you know I love to play tennis. This Fall I was on three teams. I didn’t plan to play this much but I did and I am so grateful. At a time when I felt a little lost this gave me a place I needed to be. Friends, exercise, goals and more fun then I knew a sport could offer at this stage of life.

My women’s team coached by my high school coach, Mark Frisby was so fun, as always. Mark has been teaching me tennis since I was in about fifth grade at the adidas tennis camp. He’s a long time coach but lifelong friend in my books. I was Surrounded by wonderful women that I consider good friends.

The new thing for me this year was joining a mixed doubles team. I walked on the court knowing nobody and ended up being paired up with a wonderful partner and now friend Dillon Moyer. Dillon and I had a game within the game seeing how many times we could smash the ball down with an overhead. I would giggle every time watching the ball fly way over the opponents heads.

My coach was Geoff O’Conner. Geoff was my coach when I was a little girl first learning to play. He still calls me Paigey and knows how to make me smile, laugh and feel encouraged the same way he did way back when. This team ended up going all the way to playoffs which was a first for me. When the season ended I was seriously bummed. Bummed that we didn’t continue past the playoffs, yes, but more that I wouldn’t be seeing my new friends all the time. Thank you team for a wonderful season.


I thank my mom, Pam Green for teaching me the art of entertaining. She is absolutely the master. This year I threw a few parties I wish I could bottle them and open up to revisit at a later date. Probably my favorite was the fondue party for my mixed doubles team. We were celebrating a great season and also a birthday.

I had a table made for the event by Bill Pugel, who can magically turn all ideas made of wood into a reality. I can’t wait to use it again at my next party. It is two feet off the floor so guests are sitting on cushions around a round table. It is intimate and a little different. I am always aiming for things to be a bit unique. A few other favorites were Halloween, a dinner party for friends and Hayden and Pemberley’s b day parties.

Supporting the Community

My family taught me both by their actions and their words that to those who much is given much is expected. Giving back to the community has just always been a part of my family culture. A few of my favorite charities I supported this year are:

Medical Teams International. I’ve been on their leadership council for about ten years. Their field of dreams event on safeco field is one I try to never miss. I also went to a MTI event where Jim Zorn, former NFL player and coach MC’d the game and explained play by play from his perspective. I think I loved this event so much because it was my idea. Insert pat on the back imoji if their was one. So nice of him to go along with this.

A super cool event I went to was for a charity that was new to me called the Transplant House. Lorna Kneeland Co-chaired this with Patti Payne, two of my favorite ladies. This charity provides housing for people going through a transplant. Great organization. The event was so much fun. Artists donated pieces of their work and they were for sale. I got two pieces I absolutely love. I hope I get to go back next year.

I attended Make a Wish again this year. I know a really cool, brave kid–that happens to have the best family ever–who received a wish, Zack Pomerantz. Also a family member Ella Gentry–you wouldn’t believe the treehouse that was built for her. I got to check it out for myself on a trip to Hawaii. Thank you to my friends Jen and Tom Faley who are superstars for this organization.

Big thank you to Lorna Kneeland for including me as her “date” to the Rivkin Center event raising money for ovarian cancer research. Dr. Rivkin has an outstanding reputation as a doctor with impeccable bedside manner and someone that really cares about his patients.


I really did take some special trips this year. Hawaii, Sea Island Georgia, Boston, Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, Los Angeles twice, Palm Springs, Sun Valley, Laguna Beach, Idaho and Montana. Alderbrook Resort for our family reunion, on Hood Canal, and Palm Beach. We spent a ton of time as usual at my favorite place on the planet, Whidbey Island. Love it there. Click on the links to learn more about some of these adventures.


I did my fair share of shuttling kids around this year as they tried their hands at new sports and activities.

Pemberley did Gymnastics at Gymnastics East which is a great spot. She decided that she wasn’t a gymnast and dropped out. She also did ballet, at Backstage dance with the same outcome as gymnastics. 🙈. I love backstage though and took an adult tap dance class there which I enjoyed. Tennis she has done and is Luke warm about it. Selfishly I want her to like it so I can play with her.

She has been doing swim lessons and still loves that. 🙌🏻. She had two new passions, skiing and ice skating. Only problem has been she doesn’t want to have someone teach her. She likes to think she’s an expert before she has started. Have I mentioned my daughter has strong leadership skills? 😬.

Hayden did soccer and scored his first goal. He ran to his sister after and hugged her. My heart melted watching how proud he was. Shoot, what am I talking about, I was so proud and it will forever be one of my favorite pictures watching their celebratory hug. He is currently doing skiing and basket ball through his school. He loves skiing and could take or leave basketball. He tried and quit guitar. He tolerates tennis but really only wants to play if I will teach him. Both kids did swim team over the summer. Pretty cute seeing them out there together. Poor four year old uber competitive Pemberley was so frustrated at the other kids being faster. The fact that she was four wasn’t a factor she would consider.

Physical Health

I learned a tough lesson this year. Just because you are working out a lot doesn’t mean you get to eat whatever you want at my age. Noooooooo. 😩. Hated that lesson. Funny thing is I thought I ate pretty well. I tried out a fad diet, lost five and then promptly gained ten. Ugh. Decided to sign up for weight watchers. It isn’t a sexy program but it really works. And fast. I lost 30 pounds in about two and a half months. And have kept it off. 😉. I will never do a different diet again. Ever.

Spiritual Health

One of the greatest blessings for me this year is I joined a prayer group. This group is lead by pastor Joanne Ramos and is known by missionaries and pastors around the world as the prayer mafia. We meet every Wednesday and pray for two hours. People from all over send in their prayer requests. If you have prayer requests send them my way and the prayer Mafia will get you covered. These ladies have stood by my side in prayer like warriors lifting me up and encouraging me. I’m forever grateful!

I am ending this year back where I started–Sun Valley. I am so thankful everything and everyone who made my 2017 a great year.

I’m thinking about my New Years resolution(s) and haven’t come up with any yet. Anyone have a good one to share??

Happy new year everyone. I have an exciting announcement that I will be making next week. I’m pumped to share my news. 2018 get ready. I’m grabbing you by the horns claiming you as a fantastic year. Can’t wait!


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