A Family Photograph? No, a Piece of Art

How many things do you buy that you’ll want to keep forever? Not many, but a great family portrait is one of them. Michael Rosenberg is a wonderful photographer not just because of his technical skill, which is impressive, but even more because of his ability to connect with his subjects. He is on a mission to discover and capture a moment that represents your family, and he does it well.

His new favorite is multi-generation pictures. He loves working with the whole family and showing the neat dynamics and love that are there. He recently took a beautiful, four-generation shot of my extended family (as well as our family’s Christmas card pic, which I love). The shoot for the multi-generation pictures was at my parents’ house, which was great because it was a comfortable spot for working with my grandmother, Gamma, and with Hayden. Michael even coached us on color coordinating our outfits. My favorite pic of all is of H and me. I get teary when I look at it. It reminds me of our nightly bedtime prayers for some reason. Michael often gets very emotional responses from people because he has an eye for capturing the true essence of a relationship.

He has over 20 years of experience in photography and 10 in family counseling, which may explain some of his ability to read people and his easy rapport with his subjects. His assistant Paul is also sweet and wonderful to work with. They make a great team. I really like Michael, and I respect his decision to leave his former career to pursue his passion.

Also keep him in mind for senior pictures, individual portraits, and wedding photos. (He was named Seattle’s best wedding photographer by Seattle Bride magazine in 2004 and 2008.) He frequently donates sessions to auctions, which is how my family connected with him, and we’re glad we did. Check out his website for more information and to view his portfolio.


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