A Wise Investment

I can’t believe what happens in our car time. Many of our most important conversations happen on the way to or from school. We have gotten into the habit of taking that time to learn things that they aren’t learning in school that I think are important to know.
I’m attempting to raise my kids trilingual. Right now, they understand English, Spanish, and French but don’t speak a ton of French and Spanish. I decided I needed to find ways to draw it out of them. So the last car challenge we did was learning the days of the week in all three languages. The funny thing about it is I focus on teaching it to Hayden, but because Pemberley is along for the ride, she learns too. How silly of me to underestimate the learning capacity of a two-year-old. What part of “their minds are sponges” was I not getting? Anyway, here is a video of Hayden sharing with his class what he learned. And another video of Pemberley saying it on her own time. Really proud of these two precious gifts of mine. I’m sharing this all with you because a drive to school or to the store could be just that. Or it could be something much more. An opportunity to invest in your kids. Teach them something that’s important to you. What have you taught them about values and etiquette? Investing in your children is the greatest investment you can make.




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