Sun Valley, Idaho has been my second home since I was nine. Every time I come back I have my favorite spots I have to hit. I decided yesterday to mix it up.

I’ve been to Galena Lodge several times over the years for a meal,but never have gone for the snow adventures.

With friends and family in town and kids in tow we decided to head there for some snow shoeing. We grabbed lunch and a hot coffee cocktail before heading into the snow. The food there is quite good. I recommend the chili or the grown up grilled cheese.

It’s the perfect lunch spot with kids because they have a toy box next to the fireplace which can buy you some quiet time to enjoy your meal. My kids dove into the legos with other kids congregating in the same area.

After lunch we rented snow shoes and hit the trail. For five dollars you can bring your dog on the path.

This was sort of the comedy of errors with this group two people minus gloves, one person in high heeled boots a few minus snow pants. Didn’t matter though. We all rallied and had a great time. We were a diverse group ages 5-82.

Pemberley refused to follow the trail we were on which resulted in us climbing straight up the side of a steep hillside and dragging her up. Later the kids crashed and took off the snow shoes. Half the group turned around and hit the sledding hill.

Myself and two others continued on to do the full loop. It was beautiful. So incredibly peaceful. I learned they offer tours by the way. We ran into a group taking one. I would do this again in a heart beat. However I think my kids were a tad bit young. I will probably choose to do this alone next time and try it again with them in a couple of years.


The kids and adults all had a blast on the sledding hill. I was really thankful for the sledding hill for a couple of reasons.

1) it made the trip for the kids and 2) the sledding hill in town has no snow so at least we were able to get some sledding in.

This really was a fantastic outing. I would highly recommend it. I actually want to go back and try the skate skiing.

If you come visit Sun Valley in the summer it is a good spot to go for hiking and mountain biking too I believe. I hope you will check this out if in the area. I really think you would love it.

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