What is it about this song that pulls on my heartstrings, makes me well up, and fills my heart with joy? I NEVER tire of it. I sing this song with my kids every night. One day they will realize that I butcher several verses. Oops. They love the song too. Something about it is so perfect and meets you just where you are. Every time I see it sung, the faces of the crowd change. Suddenly it’s raw. Beautiful. Naked hearts. Walls down. People don’t mumble this one. They belt it out with pride. It’s like it is the believers’ anthem.

I think it is capturing one of the most important moments in a believer’s life. One that is so sacred, special, and just between that person and God. I personally will never forget the moment I made the choice to let God take the keys to my heart and jump in the driver’s seat. He’s such a better driver! Anyway, I cherish the song. I cherish that special moment in my life that has forever changed me. Made me. Saved me. I’m attaching a couple of videos. One is of Hayden and me singing at night. (We are not good singers, warning.) The other is of the kids leading the family in Amazing Grace at my family reunion. Enjoy!

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