Big Crowd? No Problem with Panda

Have you ever lost your child in a crowd or turned around in a public place to find that your child was nowhere in sight? Even the best parents experience terrifying moments like this. Stephanie Schriger, an entrepreneur who started the online store, RealToughCookie.com, offers a clever solution—the Child Guard Panda Electronic Leash. Here’s how it works: Your child puts it on. It looks like a panda on a wristband. Pretty cute actually, and H thinks he’s cool because he has a “watch” like mama. The panda is equipped with a transmitter that sends a constant signal to a small device that I carry. I can adjust the range of the signal (from six to thirty feet). If H gets outside of that range, the receiver I have will start to beep. Here’s the trick: You can’t keep your device buried in your purse where you won’t hear it. You need to clip it onto your purse or keychain. I’m pretty excited about this product and think the ideal buyer is the mom of multiple kids or the mom of a wanderer. It really can be tough taking kids into busy areas. I think the panda will help mom relax a little. Now if something is potentially going wrong, she has her own little alarm.

RealToughCookie.com also promotes personal safety by offering self-defense and martial arts workshops (which I’m a huge advocate of) in the Seattle area. I don’t believe that, if you have taken one class, you are good to go. I have found repetition to be so important. You wouldn’t have time to think about it if attacked; it needs to be second nature. That being said, it’s probably time for me to take another. I haven’t taken one of Stephanie’s classes, but they look great. Since women are prime targets of violent attacks, especially women with small children or those who are walking alone, it is especially important for us to learn to incorporate safe habits and safety devices into our daily routines. If you’re interested in learning more, contact Stephanie through her website, blog, or Facebook page for more products and information about keeping you and your family safe.

  1. Thanks for reviewing this wonderful product! In appreciation, RealToughCookie.com pledges to donate 10% of the profits from Panda sales to Paige’s favorite charity, through the end of June. Just let me know you heard about it from Mom Around Town!

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