Black Eye Bags, Be Gone!

During my pregnancy and the first few months of Hayden’s life, when getting four hours of sleep meant it was a good night, the dark circles under my eyes made me look like a prizefighter. Nothing says exhaustion like tired eyes. It was time to break out the eye cream, but which one? I know it’s always helpful to have a recommendation, so here’s mine: RE9 Advanced Corrective Eye Crème. I started using Arbonne because my sister gave me massive amounts of it for Christmas one year. My favorite thing was the skincare travel pack. I loved bringing it on trips because it was fun to try all the travel-size scrubs, lotions, and potions. They all came in a little bag, so I could grab it and throw it in the suitcase and know everything I needed was there.

Eventually, my supply started to run out, and I was disappointed because I had no idea where to get more. Then, just recently, I went on a girls’ night and met a great woman named Angelina Olson. I remember admiring her beautiful skin and thinking she looked amazing, especially for having as many kids as she does. Later, I friended her on facebook. Her profile said she worked for Arbonne, so I contacted her and asked for some samples. Another friend of mine (a mom of three) recommended the eye cream, so I tried it and, sure enough, loved it. FYI: I don’t sell this, and I get nothing out of it if you buy it. I just plain like it.

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  1. karen dunn says:

    your eye cream sounds fine but do you have a suggestion for dark circles under your eyes if you are a man – my spouse- and dont want to wear face creams. I hear cucumber slices reduce the bagginess but havent tried it – any tips?Karen

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