Boston with My Babes – Tea Party Time!

Our summer vacation started in Boston. We were in Boston for just half a day, so we needed to pick basically one activity to do. I chose the Boston Tea Party Exhibit.

I booked a hotel in the harbor directly across from the exhibit so I wouldn’t have to mess with transportation. We stayed at The Intercontinental, which we loved.

It worked out well too because I booked the concierge level. They have a room with games and a room with food at all hours. When we arrived in the evening, we were able to get dinner there and in the morning breakfast. It is all included.

For me it is so nice to have it all included so if the kids take two bites and say they don’t want it anymore, it doesn’t matter. Also, they can play games while I sit and eat/relax. My favorite thing they had was a big honeycomb to get fresh honey from in the morning. Mmmmm. They also had an omelet bar set up. 

The trip to the Boston Tea party was interesting. The kids walked away saying they loved it. It was long, though. Over an hour.

They go through a tour of the courthouse, a reenactment of dumping tea in the harbor, and a museum. They have a café, bar, and gift shop. You also see a movie. There are talking picture frames and lots of people in costumes guiding you through everything that happened.It was really interesting to get to see the ship. It is an exact replica of the original minus the stairs. They have the kids throw tea boxes overboard, which they loved.

That night when we went to bed, Pemberley said, “Wait, Mom, we never went to the tea party!” She was clearly a bit too young for this. She’s four and a half. Hayden is seven and I think he sort of got it. 

I would recommend it more for about age ten. It was well done and entertaining. If you’re heading to Boston with kids, I would definitely recommend it!




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