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Dear friends,

I want to tell you about a friend of mine. Her name is Kelly. I met Kelly in ’97 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I spent the summer there with Campus Crusade for Christ and waitressed at Johnny Rockets. It was the best summer of my life. Kelly, from Alabama, was there with Campus Crusade as well. Kelly and I became close friends right away. You know when you meet someone with a pure heart and soul. I haven’t met many, but Kelly has those things. She is honest as the day is long. Fun. Beautiful inside and out. She projects this energy that is so glorious you just want to be near her. She is the kind of person who makes you see you have room for improvement, and you want to be like her. Anyway, I adore her, in case that wasn’t clear.

Recently I saw on Facebook that she was planning to adopt a little girl from China. Her husband works in ministry. I was fortunate enough to attend their wedding in Alabama and meet him. He seemed to have that same je ne sais quoi as Kelly. A perfect match. Kelly works for a children’s book company called Usborne Books. Her job allows her to be at home with her kids but still earn an income. I remember when I visited her at University of Alabama, she mentioned that all she really wanted was to get married, have kids, and make PB & Js all day. I really was impressed with her honesty about her dream. I had never met anyone in college who would admit that. It seemed that, unless your dream was to be a big career person, you were inadequate. She knew being a mom was her calling. She has adopted two boys already and raised the adoption money for each.

I know you all read stories to your children, so I was hoping I might be able to convince you to take a spin on the Usborne Books site for a good cause. Any books purchased through this link will raise money for the adoption. Let’s help Kelly get this little girl from China. What an honorable thing it is to adopt. This baby, whoever she is, has drawn the ace card to be adopted by such a wonderful family. I’m attaching the link to Kelly’s blog as well so you can follow her story. Caution, grab a box of tissues before reading. Thanks, friends, for your support and your compassion!


  1. Katie Meyerpeter says:

    What a beautiful way that you have summed up exactly the kind of person Kelly is. My life is better just from being her friend. These children are SO blessed! Plus, it is a win/win…y’all get amazing books for the children in your life and a little girl gets an amazing family.

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