Chat with your kids—possibly the best gift you could give YOURSELF

I’m embarrassed to admit that I complain, often, about how much time I spend in the car every day shuttling kids to and from school. All around town for sports and activities. Truth be told, this taxi driver time is so, so valuable. I have the kids buckled in and have their undivided attention. I can just preach and teach on any topic I want. Sometimes we just joke around, sing, laugh. . . . Other times life presents teaching opportunities. I wonder sometimes if anyone is really listening. But then it happens. Confirmation. It is the time when you do your inner mom dance. Yes!!! I’m doing something right. They are getting it.

It has happened a couple of times now when Hayden has spoken such great wisdom to me in a time when I actually needed to hear some wise words. Initially I think, holy cow this kid is wise!!! This is true, he is. But what I realize after some thought is that I have invested hours and hours teaching him. He really is listening to me. 

This morning I was driving the kids to school and told them I had a tennis match today. I explained how I was nervous and asked if they could pray for me. Hayden said, “Sure we can pray for you, Mom, but I don’t know why you are nervous. All you need to do is believe in yourself!” Later I was playing my match and I had messed up two shots in a row. I started feeling anxious. Hayden’s words popped in my head. All I need to do is believe in myself. I pulled it together and finished the match out strong.

Another time it was raining and I complained about the weather. Hayden stopped me and told me we need to be grateful in all circumstances. He said, “Mom, you love how green it is in Seattle. If you want it to be green like this we need the rain. So . . . be thankful it is raining.” Well, that shut my complaining up right quick and gave me a complete attitude change.

I know these are random little stories, but I guess I’m trying to encourage everyone to really invest in your kids. It will come back to you, but also they will teach their kids these same things and down the family tree your wisdom goes. Invest, moms. You are smart and have a lot to offer your kids.


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