Clean Hands, Safe Hands

I am not a total germaphobe, but I do think there are times when life calls for some hand sanitizer.

I keep one in my purse to use after touching a bunch of dirty door knobs or shopping carts—or for an event where I’ve shaken ten million hands and then am sitting down to eat.

I keep one in the car for after pumping gas and for when H hops in the car after school before I pass him a snack.

I keep another in the diaper bag for after diaper changes. Point is, these little sanitizers are handy.

The problem with many sanitizers is that they have stuff in them that is bad for us. You are then in a dilemma of figuring out which is the better of two evils. Obviously, good ol’ fashioned soap and water are always the best option. But if you need to sanitize and can’t wash your hands, there is a great option by BabyGanics that doesn’t have all the bad stuff in it. Their products are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, plant-based, and good for Mother Earth. Here’s to keeping your family’s fingers germ free!



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