I’m trying hard to teach Hayden and Pemberley Spanish. It helps tremendously in this effort that we have an amazing au pair from Colombia, Margarita.

I decided we needed to start with the basics and really get them down solid. We started with colors. Of course we needed a little incentive, so I said once he learned them, we would have a colors party to celebrate his accomplishment. He was super into this idea. Throughout the week, we made cupcakes decorated in multicolor and a Jell-O “cake” out of various colors of Jell-O. He’d never had Jell-O before, so this was an exciting treat.

Recently we had the party. He beamed with pride as we had his final demonstration of his color knowledge. After each color he got right, we all cheered and high fived. Of course, then we pigged out on our color treats.

At the party I announced our next goal, which is animals. Once he learns them all, we will go to the zoo. He was thrilled and immediately wanted to start learning the animals.

I realized as a mom it’s easy to have these grand plans of wanting to teach your kids this or that, but it can be daunting when you are trying to just keep the house pulled together and everyone hugged, loved, fed, and bathed. So my thought is small bites, big victories.

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