This easy treat is so perfect for cold days. Depending on your timing, either throw it in the Crock Pot in the morning to have ready for dessert or at bedtime to eat in the morning. For a dessert it is best over vanilla ice cream. If you want to get really decadent, drizzle a caramel sauce over it. Is there anything better than caramel and apples? Mmmm. If I’m preparing it for breakfast, I serve it over oatmeal with maple syrup drizzled over the oatmeal.

  1. Take your apples and wash and core them. I tried to core them with a knife and just about lost my fingers. So instead I jammed an apple peeler down the center of the apple and twisted it about. This worked beautifully.

  2. Next I combined 2 tablespoons brown sugar, ½ teaspoon cinnamon, and a shake of allspice per apple. Throw a handful of raisins, walnuts, or dried cranberries in with the dried ingredients.

  3. Put your cored apples in the Crock Pot and fill the centers of the apples with the spice mixture.

  4. Next place a pat of butter on top of each apple.

  5. Put ½ cup of water on the bottom of the Crock Pot.

  6. Set the Crock Pot to the low setting and let it cook away.

This is a new treat in our house, but we are loving it. H loves filling the apples with the dry mixture and snagging raisins when he thinks I’m not looking. Happy cooking!

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