IMG_2334Dear Hayden,

Happy seventh birthday, my darling boy. Seven. Really??? It seems like yesterday we were in your nursery singing lullabies.

This has been a big year for you. You learned to ride your bike, tell time, and do karate. You are getting great at reading too.

Hayden, it has been such a joy watching you with Pemberley this year. You guys are just the best of friends. You hug and love on each other constantly. You play together like the best of friends. You are an amazing protector over her. Listening to you two giggle away warms my heart so much.

Hayden, I love your personality. You are super outgoing and have zero fear of strangers or adults. You love meeting new friends and are just such a happy boy. You are interesting, though, because you are very social but also definitely a homebody.

Hayden, you are such a smarty pants. Really fun seeing how your mind works. You are very detailed and intrigued with how everything works. You are great with math!

Hayden, your faith is so strong for your age. It blows me away. I love listening to you pray. I can’t stop smiling when you beg for me to read just one more story from your children’s Bible.

If I had to guess your career path right now, I would guess an engineer, architect, or pastor. You, however, are completely convinced you will be a ninja when you grow up. No matter what path you take, I’m here for you. I will be your greatest cheerleader. Thank you for being my boy, my treasure, my blessing. I love you.













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