Dear Stay-at-Home Moms Everywhere

Dear Stay-at-Home Moms Everywhere,

Are you feeling like a dairy cow—nursing all day long, a taxi driver, a mess-picker-upper . . .

I know there is nothing glamorous about this. Did you give up your career for this? Do you think back about the days you were praised for a job well done? Do you miss feeling important to the world? I do sometimes. I sometimes struggle with my identity in being “mom.” Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love being a mom. But sometimes I reminisce about my days as an actress and how exciting it was. I loved that chapter very much.

I’ve allowed myself to close the door to it and be okay with it, though. From time to time I wonder what is next.

It hit me like a ton of bricks this morning that I was made for a very specific purpose. If I spend time looking ahead or in the rearview mirror, I could miss it. What if I am raising a future president or leader and it is my job to help form them and build them up to get on that path.

Don’t let yourselves be distracted by needing praise from the world. Head down. Your most important job is the little sticky fingers and sassy-mouthed loves in your home. This is a chapter. It is so, so important. Raising your kids to be amazing people is such a cool opportunity. Speak positivity into their lives. Tell them how much you love them. Tell them the gifts you see in them. Tell them all about their strengths. You get one shot at this, mammas. Give it your all. Hug and kiss on your kids. Teach your sons how to treat a woman right. Tell them they are a masterpiece that God created. They are a beautiful work of art. Tell them how they are your greatest treasure. When they go to sleep tonight, make sure their heart is beaming and warm from all the nice things you see in them. Set them down the path God created them to go down. Not the path you want them to go down. Set them up for success.

You are a mom. This is a huge blessing. Own it. Enjoy it. You are a mom. Own the title and wear it with pride.


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