Dream Big, Little Pig!

In the almost twenty years since winning the Olympic gold medal in figure skating, Kristi Yamaguchi has been busy. She is the mom of two girls, an accomplished professional skater, the season six champion of Dancing with the Stars, and the founder of the Always Dream Foundation, a group that supports organizations that have a positive impact on kids—from after-school mentoring programs to summer camps for kids with disabilities. To top it off, Kristi is now a children’s book author.

Dream Big, Little Pig! is her adorable new book that is hitting the shelves this spring. The book is about a pig named Poppy who has big dreams of being famous. She tries singing, modeling, and ballet and realizes they aren’t a fit for her. She keeps trying, though, and she discovers ice skating. It takes a lot of work and tumbles, but she finds that it is her passion and that she’s good at it. I love that this book is about having dreams. No matter your age, it is always important. I also like that the story teaches that dreams don’t always come easily.

The illustrations by Tim Bowers are wonderful. This is a cute book with lots of character and lots and lots of the color pink. Girls are going to love it. I read it to Hayden, and he just loved seeing the pig and getting to show off his pig noise. Way to go, Kristi; you wrote a great book.

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