Dry Shampoo Saves Me Every Time

dry shampooI have ridiculously thick hair. This means it takes forever to wash, dry, and style. With a little one, I just don’t have time to do that every day. But I found a solution. You can make that great hairstyle last! Let me introduce you to dry shampoo. It comes in either a spray or a loose powder.

Many companies have started to produce their own brands of dry shampoo. I tried the Bumble and Bumble spray, which comes in different colors. I think the tester might have been a bit color blind; I got the one for blondes, and it would be better suited to a dark brunette. If I were a brunette, I think I would have liked it. I also wasn’t a fan of Big Sexy Hair’s version; it leaves yucky residue on your hair. I tried Kevin Murphy, which is a spray as well and smells like creamsicles. The only problem is that the aerosol runs out way before the product is gone. I had been warned about this, and the person who warned me was right. After some trial and error, I’ve decided I don’t like spray dry shampoos. Initially, they make your hair wet, so it’s tough to see if you did a good enough job.

I am a fan of the powder! Oscar Blandi makes a great loose powder that I like. Be warned; it has a strong lemon smell. The other day, someone did say I smelled good and asked what it was. I think she was a little surprised to hear, “Oh, that’s my dry shampoo.” This one won the Allure Magazine Editor’s Choice award. Another good loose powder brand is Ojon. It smells sort of nutty, so if you prefer that scent to lemon, give it a try. On my last trip to Sephora, I learned that Ojon is better for brunettes than the Oscar Blandi, since it is a bit sheerer and won’t show up as much in dark hair. I like the Ojon, but I think the lemon has grown on me and that Oscar Blandi is my fave at the moment. The loose powder is easy to use. It has a very narrow spout, and you just sprinkle a little in the desired area and rub it in. Any excess oils miraculously disappear.

I hope this saves you from having to utter the phrase “bad hair day” ever again. Dry shampoo is also great to keep with you when you’re traveling or going into the hospital.

  1. Ally Noland says:

    Interesting. I’ve always been curious about these but have never tried them. Thanks for the opinions and info! As a mom, I now grasp on to any ‘time savers’ I can find!!

  2. anne warjone bridgeland says:

    Paige, I am a thick blond too.
    Because you are blond, you can get away with using regular old talc or cornstarch. Since you have a bambino, you probably have at least one of these products around. The French have used it on wigs for centuries to refresh them. If your hair is slightly oily, it will give it tremendous body, perhaps making it look like another blowout.
    The problem I tend to have with this is that my ends are very, very dry and hard to style. I found that hand sanitizer leaves a residue of glycerin which is just the right weight to tame any rogue ends.
    Thanks for reminding me about the powder, since it is nice in the winter. It seems to be warmer like wearing a hat. Another bonus, it tends to hide darker roots if you have grow out between blondings.
    Bear in mind that you must wash your hair the next day, you cannot put powder on your scalp two days in a row without caking.
    Hope that helps

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