2This fall, H and I took a nature walk and collected lots of pretty leaves. It was fun seeing what he chose to put in our Nature Treasure Bag. It was also nice to slow things down a notch and take the time to “smell the roses.” I had a chance to explain to him the cycle of life for leaves and what happens in the different seasons. We then let our treasures dry overnight. Of course we had to do this; we live in the forever-rainy Seattle.

The next day, we brought our treasures to the craft table and painted them. I loved enhancing the leaves’ natural colors with paints. H painted all of his blue. Everything for H is blue. This includes his baby sister whom we all now call Baby Blue. H gave her that nickname when she was in utero, and it stuck.

We then let our painted leaves dry overnight. The next day we strung them up by their stems using beading thread (basically fishing line) and hung the string up in the kitchen. So fun to see our project displayed in the place we spend so much time.

We loved this project so much. I would highly recommend trying it.

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