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As a mom, I know you are concerned about your children’s diet. Do you find yourself wondering if your child had enough veggies, fruit, fiber, protein, etc. today? You probably put a lot of thought into those school lunches, too. But let’s be real for a second. Sometimes life gets crazy and something has to give. Why not let it be the school lunch? There is a company called Fantazimo that will deliver a healthy lunch to your child’s school. The great thing is, with a click of a mouse, you can choose what will be in the lunch. Fantastic, right?

Stick your cute note on a napkin in his pocket and send him on his way. You can now use your time wisely and rest assured your little one has a healthy lunch he will love waiting for him at school. Good work, Supermom. You have saved the day; your child will not be eating gross lunch lady food.

Fantazimo offers two different lunch packages:

The Junior Varsity lunch (choose from 2 entrées)

Bagel with cream cheese
Cost: $4.99 + tax

The Varsity lunch (choose from 8 entrées)

BBQ chicken wrap
Green garden salad w/ranch dressing
Turkey and Swiss sandwich
Chicken and cheddar sandwich
Egg salad sandwich
Tuna fish sandwich
Ham and cheese sandwich
Chicken Caesar wrap
Cost: $5.47 + tax

All lunches come with the following items:

Entrée, sandwich, wrap, or bagel
Vegetable (i.e., carrot sticks)
Fruit (i.e., apples, grapes, fruit cup)
Protein (i.e., cheese)
Bottled Water: Athena 8oz.
Wednesday lunches come with Tree Top apple juice

How does the service work? It’s pretty simple. First, log on to www.Fantazimo.com Second, select your lunch order package. That’s it! Lunch will be delivered to your child’s school. Check out the FAQs on their website for more information.


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