Father’s Day Surprise

What am I going to get him? This is always the big dilemma. Half the time I can’t think of anything great and settle for the tie. The years of dilemma I’m talking about are with my dad. Hayden is going to be two in August, so the Father’s Day dilemma with my husband is new. I came up with something great this year, so I had to share.

When my mother-in-law Jennifer passed away, we inherited a pair of jade earrings. While it is sentimental for me to be able to wear her earrings, I thought it would be even more so for my husband. So I had them made into cufflinks. My emotional, sappy self hopes he will wear them on special occasions and feel like a part of her is with him.

If you would like to try doing something like this, I highly recommend the gemologist I used to help me. Bob Watt with Exact Gems International is a graduate of the Gemological Institute of America. Bob is a diamond and gemstone importer. He is a vendor for high-end retailers, and he specializes in custom design work. He also did my wedding ring. He’s been in business for twenty-three years and is located in downtown Seattle.

Bob is a joy to work with. He gave me some great advice once. He said there is no use holding on to jewelry you don’t like. You might as well change the setting or do something different with it. He is great at being creative and coming up with ideas about what to do with pieces you don’t wear anymore.

Bob can be reached at rdw@oz.net or at 206-956-8324.

  1. What a great idea Paige – and they’re beautiful!! And I LOVE that you’re sentimental and “sappy” – it just shows how wonderful you are!! Reagan isn’t subscribed to your blog, is he?? Father’s Day isn’t until Sunday!

  2. Kyleen Niccolls says:

    Paige, what a beautiful gift! I love the sentiment and I’m sure Reagan will love them. I too have a tough time figuring out what to get my husband, especially since just a few weeks ago I had to figure out an anniversary gift and a month before that a birthday gift and a few months before that a Christmas gift…you catch my drift. So we have decided to get away from the gifts and use these times to make memories! So in 10 years when the tie is outdated, the memory of a special day or weekend you planned for the two of you lives on (plus you have the photos to reminisce).

  3. Kirk Mattson says:

    This was a great post to find!!! I’d been doing this with a jeweler who had designed my sisters’ wedding rings. He’d done a few conversions for me, but he sadly passed away a couple months ago. I have a whole list of earrings I’ve found that I intend to have converted. Thanks for including Bob’s contact information!!

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