Going to the Dentist

I knew I was going to have to bring H to the dentist soon. I dreaded this. I couldn’t imagine this visit going over well. Truthfully, I have always dreaded dentist visits for myself. I’ve had more mishaps and dental problems than I care to recall, so I guess I fear the same will happen to H. I didn’t want H to pick up on my fear of the dentist, so I have tried to talk it up like it’s an exciting adventure to get to go. I bought a book to familiarize him with the concept: Going to the Dentist by Usborne books. We have been reading this book for a couple weeks, and it has been great to start conversations about dental care, including which foods are good and which are not so good for your teeth.

I got a call from H’s school saying they needed his dentist contact info. Uh oh. I guess the time had officially come. I called his doctor for a recommendation and made an appointment for two days later. Today was the day. Gulp. I was nervous. Luckily the recommendation was fantastic—Eastside Pediatric Dental Group in Issaquah. Sally Lombardi was our dentist. She and the hygienist were amazing, so gifted with children. What a relief. They made a game out of everything from introducing the gloves to wearing the masks on their faces. They let H squirt the water from the water-spraying tool, too. The office is so perfect for kids, with a great play area and tea and coffee pods for parents to pick from. H got a toy at the end and got to pick a toothbrush as well.

I have no idea if this is the norm—but if it isn’t your norm, it’s out there, so maybe try a different office.

I really think reading the story before going in helped a ton. There were no surprises; he knew what was coming. Tonight when I put him to bed and we were recapping the day, we talked about the trip to the dentist. He said he had a fun time. I never in a million years thought that could be a kid’s response to a dentist visit. I’m so pleased and surprised. Thank you to Dr. Sally Lombardi!


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