Good for Corporations. Good for Working Moms.

This week I had the pleasure of sitting down with Jeannie Ruckelshaus to hear updates about her exciting life and her newest work adventure, Mom Corps. Jeannie joined Mom Corps last October and is the Business Development Manager for the Greater Seattle Area. It is a rare day when you get to hear someone rave about the company she works for the way Jeannie does about Mom Corps. She is beyond impressed with the professionalism and quality of the women working for the company across the nation. She says her goal is to be an advocate for women interested in having work, life, and balance while helping companies at the same time. And, by the way, it is a women-owned, women-run company. Fantastic, right?

So what is Mom Corps?

Mom Corps is a national staffing firm that connects professional women with progressive companies. Most of the positions have a flex element to them. Maybe you’re thinking about having another child but want to get in a good five months of work before going back to being at home. Or maybe your kids are back in school and, because of this great economy, you need to get a job. Do you know any mothers who need to get out of the house a couple times a week to have some balance with the whole “mom thing”? Whatever the situation, this staffing firm specializes in helping women find flexible work in their fields. It’s a true win-win for working moms and for corporations. Moms find job opportunities that match their skills and scheduling needs, and corporations get access to experienced, professional talent they can’t find through traditional job channels.

The founder, Allison O’Kelly, is a CPA with two small children who noticed that someone should connect this untapped pool of talent with the corporate world. She says, “Over time I saw many women, mothers just like me, who wanted to stay in the workforce but didn’t know how to find opportunities which would allow them to preserve symmetry in their lives. Because of this obstacle, many mothers leave the workforce altogether. At the same time, I noticed corporations were struggling to find high-caliber employees.” And so, Mom Corps was born.

Registering as a candidate is easy, free, and literally takes about five minutes. Just fill out a short registration form online, including the type of position you’re looking for (contract, part-time permanent, or full-time flexible) and the number of hours you’re available to work a week. You can also specify if you’re looking for a telecommuting position or one that allows you to work some of your hours from home. Upload your resume, and then you can search for jobs—and employers can search for you. What a great idea!

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