Goodnight for the last time, four-year-old Pemberley!

This is the last time I will say goodnight to you as a four-year-old. I’m not sure why this breaks my heart a little. Five just seems so “big girl” to me.

Pem, you are my jump-in-a-mud-puddle-princess-dress-wearing girl. You prefer dogs to babies. In fact, I’m pretty sure I caught you letting Dixie cover your mouth with kisses while you proceeded to tell me about baby germs. Lol.

You are super competitive. Anything is fun so long as it’s a race for you.

Your leadership skills are remarkable. Your favorite song right now is “Confident.” I would say your love language is quality time. It has been really fun having you in half-day school. We get to do so many neat little adventures together. Every time you hop in the car after school, you say to me, “Mamma, what special thing do we get to do together today?”

You are the BEST little sister ever. You just love your brother so much. Not sure why this stood out to me, but it did. The other day we picked up pizza slices while Hayden was in soccer. You were hungry but wanted to wait to eat yours when Hayden was with you. You said it was more fun to have it with your brother.

Dixie is pretty much your favorite thing. You two have the cutest love together. If she isn’t around, you just flat-out don’t like it. Every day is better if Dixie is there.

You have a great imagination. The other day a mom asked me if you were born in China. Apparently you told your friends that’s where you were born. Yeah, you have never even been there. Lol. 

You love dresses. What you wear each day is very important. We have had some interesting discussions this year when you were insisting on wearing dresses to places where it wasn’t appropriate. This is one area I have chosen to pick my battles and let you win and wear the party dress.

One example was to the pumpkin patch for your school field trip. It was pouring down rain and you went ahead and stomped straight into the massive mud puddle, letting the water pour into your boots. Oh baby, I just love you.

You are such a character. Such a huge personality. So friendly. You make “friends” everywhere you go. I love being your mom more than you will ever know. Each day is an adventure. It’s precious. Your sweet kisses and hugs make the world go round. Your giggle makes my soul smile so big.

Thank you for being my little girl. You are a gift. A treasure. I’m so glad to call you mine. I love you, baby cakes, more than all the chocolate in the world.


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