Happy 6th Birthday, Hayden!

IMG_7949Dear Hayden,
Can this be real? You are six years old now? My sweet boy, I can’t imagine a mother possibly being more proud of a son. Hayden, your kind soul blows me away. I love how you care for those around you. Your concern for people in your life is precious. I love that you stop to open doors for strangers. You hug and love on people who are hurt. We do, however, need to find someone else for you to play swords with. I’m pretty sure we have had to put two in the garbage this week. Your poor sister’s head!
I love all your questions about how buildings are made and why the builder chose this or that material and why they decided to do XYZ with the roof design. Google, I can tell, will be a close friend of ours very soon.
Your faith is so strong. It brings me such joy watching you pray over people. You believe with all your heart that the prayers of a child God pays extra special attention to, and you take the job of a prayer warrior seriously.
Hayden, you are adorable. I love watching you ballroom dance with your girlfriends Whitley, Clara, and Grayson. I love it (sort of) when you pop in front of me at like five a.m. dressed in full knight’s armor with sword in hand.
You are kinda digging tennis these days. I’m loving hitting the courts with you. I can’t wait for the day when we can play a match together. I have dreams of us going on family vacations and all of us bringing our rackets no matter where we go.
IMG_8973My favorite thing we do together though is playing on Whidbey Island. I love opening up the sand dollars to find the angels with you. We go home with handfuls of angels, sea glass, and “special” rocks. We just run, splash around, chase baby crabs, and laugh and laugh as sand castles take over the beach finely decorated with all sorts of treasures.
I love how you miss Pemberley if she isn’t with you. You are such an amazing big brother.
Keep it up, little man. Take this life by the horns and go make a difference. I love you more than chocolate.









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