Happy Birthday, Pemberley!

14729328_1683895725257845_775366068981065777_nDear Pemberley,

Happy fourth b-day, baby cakes. On one hand I can’t believe it has been four years since you came into this world and on the other hand I can’t believe you have only been in my life four years. Pem, you fill my heart with so much joy. You make me smile by the hour. You are such a happy little girl and it is crazy contagious. You are such a fun dichotomy of girly girl and tomboy. I have a few memories from this year I want to preserve here. One is when we were in Texas and you were outside playing with your cousin. You ran in the house and shouted to all the adults: “There is a snake outside. You all stay in here. I will protect you and go kill the snake.” Another time we were flying and you said, “Mom let’s go open the door to the plane and jump out.” Another time you told me you were going to sneak out, find a bad guy when everyone was sleeping, and punch him. Yet another time you told me you were going to go into the forest and find a bear and wrestle him.

You can’t stand sitting on the sideline watching your brother playing football and soccer. You desperately want to be out on the field showing those boys how it is done. I love your bravery. I love your strong leadership skills. Pem, you somehow walk into a room and take it over and have all sorts of people running around doing things you have asked of them. What is so neat is you have another side to you that is so soft and cuddly and sweet as can be. Pem, you literally will have a meltdown if you have to put on pants. You only want to wear dresses. Even in the pouring down rain you want a dress and party shoes on. You don’t even like wearing a sweater because it could cover up some of your dress. Your hair is so pretty with its golden ringlets. I love that you twirl constantly. The world is your stage. It doesn’t matter where we are, you are twirling for strangers. I swear you have a following too. I’ve had people at a coffee shop ask me where you are because they have missed seeing you.

I love your heart so so much. I love the way you pray for people and are so worried for strangers. I love your relationship with Hayden. You are truly a great sister! It is so neat to me what great friends you guys are. I love watching you with Dixie. Boy, you and that dog have a special bond. You two walk around all day attached at the hip giving each other kisses. It’s adorable. Little one, I see in you a bright, funny, beautiful, loving, creative, caring, sassy, strong,cuddly, animal-loving, precious girl. Pem, I love you with all my heart and soul. I can’t believe God gave me you. An absolute treasure!!! Happy birthday, Pemberley. I’m so proud to call you daughter. 


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