I vaguely remember celebrating May Day at school with the ribbon dance around a May pole making a beautiful pattern on the pole. And I remember dropping flowers at the neighbors’ door steps and running away.

My super thoughtful friend Terese Clarke sent me the cutest pics this morning wishing me a happy May Day. Of course those May Day pics got me reminiscing about my May Day shenanigans as a child. Hmmmm.

Time to introduce Pemberley to this tradition….

Pemberley had a play date planned with her adorable friend Gemma today so I called her mom, my friend, Jayme, and suggested they deliver flowers to the neighbors’ doorsteps.

Poor Jayme, probably didn’t know what she was signing up for when she invited my daughter over for a play date.

Anyhooooo the girls (and Jayme) 😬 did it and had the best time. Pemberley had the best time and was so proud of what they did for the neighbors.Jayme reported that the mother’s whose children are grown loved it the most. It brought back special memories of their children.

I really like May Day because it is all about random acts of kindness. It’s about blessing others and not receiving a thing in return. So different than many of the other Holidays.

I’ve decided I’m officially into this Holliday and will be prepared next year to go big.

Big thanks to Terese for spurring the idea and to Jayme for going along with my idea. I know some great women!!

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