Holiday Review: Snowflake Lane

I’ve added this to my must-hit-during-the-holidays list. I went a few days before Christmas, but I wish I had gone much earlier in the season, because it really does get you excited for Christmas. It seriously gets so much better each year. Unfortunately, it becomes way more popular each year too. The crowds are insane.

I was so naive to think we would pop into a restaurant, order, and watch the show right outside the door while our food was cooking. They laughed at me, literally, when I asked for a table. An hour wait. Anyway, next year I’ll show up an hour early to eat and then step outside for the show.

What to expect: elves, soldiers, and fairies passing out candy and lollipops. Big hit with my kids. They were so happy with their candy they didn’t even notice we were standing in the rain. Once it starts, fake snow flies out of the tops of the buildings. Soldiers are playing drums, and there are lots of fun songs and characters parading around. It really is a great evening. Whatever you do, leave your stroller in the car. The people pushing their strollers through the massive crowds looked like they were having zero fun.

If you haven’t been yet, make a plan to go next year. You will be so glad you did.

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