I Ditched My Cable, Loving Apple TV

Recently I was given an Apple TV. Little did I know this itty-bitty box would change my TV viewing for good. Oh, and save me mucho dinero.

So for the non-techy crowd, let me enlighten you. An Apple TV box is about the size of your palm. If you have one, you can get a Netflix account and watch movies, TV series, documentaries, etc. for a fraction of the cost of a cable bill. The cool thing about Apple TV is you don’t pay a monthly fee. You buy the box, which is quite inexpensive, and that’s it. For a while I had both. I started finding though that I was never using my cable. I then realized I didn’t need my cable and canceled. I have to admit I was a little nervous cutting the cord. I’m so glad I did, though. I truly have never looked back. I’m now wondering what I will do with all the money I’m saving from not having cable. 🙂

This really was a bit of a worrisome move for me since I’m so technically challenged. To my surprise, though, it has been easy and fun to have. I can even create slide shows with pics and have them run on the TV. I’ve decided now to get another for the downstairs since I ditched the cable. I’m psyched to have gotten onto this and just HAD to share.

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