If I Die before I Wake | Letter to Hayden and Pemberley

Dear Hayden and Pemberley,

I have so many hopes for you. I’m in constant prayer that you might be healthy in body, mind, and spirit. My biggest prayer is that you would love Jesus with all your heart. I hope you will marry someone who loves you, treats you well, and sees you for the gems you are. Golden rule, golden rule, golden rule. Hey, did I mention the golden rule? Fact is you won’t be great at everything, so seek the help and knowledge of people in those areas where you struggle.

Please surround yourself with people you admire. People who are good, kind, and honest. People who build you up instead of bringing you down. If you aren’t influencing them, they are influencing you. Drugs are never a good idea. Nothing good will ever come from them. The choices you make when you are young will follow you forever. Be outstanding. Be the people who didn’t fall into the trap. Be remembered for having amazing morals. This won’t always make you popular in the moment, but in Heaven you will be building up treasure and receiving praise from the only One who really matters. That being said, have great adventures. Enjoy the little things in life. Lie in the grass and watch the clouds. Play board games. Play sports. Live life like a great detective turning over every rock to discover all the beauty God has created.

Pemberley, you are beautiful. You are a great beauty inside and out. Don’t ever strive to look like the women in the magazines. It’s not real. They don’t really look like that. Trust me on this one: so long as you are healthy, exercising, and eating right, you look perfect. The big smile that is on your face, the one I can’t get enough of, will be the same smile that the guy of your dreams can’t get enough of either. Don’t try to be like all the other girls. Be you. That’s what is interesting. Pray my girl that the man God has created just for you would stand out and all the others would fade away and not be interesting to you. If you find yourself dating someone, start praying right away that, if this guy isn’t the one for you, God would close the door. This is the toughest thing—to pray when you are in love. You must protect your heart, though.

Hayden, be a gentleman. Be the guy who honors his word. Treat the woman in your life like a princess. She is your princess. If you don’t, she may look to others for that affirmation. Tell her she is beautiful. Treat her with respect. Don’t be afraid to go to counseling. Let your wife be proud. Be the man she can go brag about. Remember this. Money doesn’t buy love. Shower your family with love, time, and affection. Gifts are good but really it’s your love they want. Speaking of gifts, buy in advance. Be thoughtful in your giving. Make holidays special. Make a fuss over the ones you love. If the men in your life mistreat their wives, cheat, or aren’t God fearing, you my son need a new crew. Marriage takes an insane amount of work, but I believe it can be amazing. It’s worth the sweat and tears.

I pray that you might find your passion early. That you might figure out what your gifts are. That you would be honest, responsible, and hardworking individuals. I pray that you would treat each other well. Love each other and be great friends. Be thankful for all that you have. For those to whom much is given, much is expected.

Don’t be lazy. Go make a difference in your community. This starts in your home. Your body is a temple. Treat it well, feed it healthy food, and stay active. Always live your life in such a way that someone could broadcast your every move and word and you could hold your head up high. Don’t be afraid. Jesus is with you. He has a special guardian angel with you at all times.

Travel!!! Go see this amazing, beautiful world. Learn what makes others tick. Eat their food. See the sites and make some friends. Learn the language. Be respectful of the law, elders, others, and traditions. Be proud of who you are. God designed you and gave you to me. You are my greatest treasures. I’m incredibly proud of you. I love you more than chocolate!


  1. Amy Pomerantz says:

    Paige, that was lovely! You have a gift with words. God will honor those prayers you pray over your sweet little ones and the time you invest in them!

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