Is the Adventure Worth It?

Too often in life with little ones, we are faced with the question: is it worth it? Whether it’s the unknown of trying a new park that is unfamiliar, a new play group, or even traveling to a new country. I’m constantly weighing whether it’s worth it.

Here is the deciding factor. Looking back on my life with my kids, will I remember our time as safe and comfortable but totally lacking excitement? Or will I choose to go for the other option, getting outside my comfort zone and making the most of this precious time and looking back with no regrets. That doesn’t mean I’m suggesting that we fly by the seat of our pants with no structure to our lives, but rather that we find the little adventures (and sometimes the big ones) and go for it.

I believe that growth happens when you are uncomfortable. This is when you get the opportunity to do something great. Something to be proud of. This is tricky ground with kids, because we want to set them up for success, right? So I’m thinking we make sure everyone is fed, rested, and properly clothed and then we try something new. Or we work hard on something. We eat a new food. We create something unique. We go on an adventure. Try out a new class. Take things to donate to the needy. I’m not entirely sure where I’m going with this except to encourage everyone to get out there and go for the big life. Don’t settle for normal. Show your kids and yourself just how amazing this world and the people who live in it are.

Sometimes teaching your kids is through example. Go do something amazing and then tell them all about it. Last night, I went to an auction. Hayden was pretty sad I wasn’t going to be putting him to bed. I explained where I was going and why. I explained I was helping this organization that does great things for the community. It was so great this morning to get to debrief on the event and tell him all the neat things that will come about because of it. I learned and experienced something, and therefore, so did he.

There’s a big world outside the walls of your home. Get out there and explore it.

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