It’s Strawberry Week!

You know those mom moments you have once in a blue moon where you think, “Dang, that was a great idea I had . . .” I had one of those this week. Insert pat on back. It all started with an embarrassing mom moment.

I read a terrifying statistic recently that says:

7% of adult Americans believe chocolate milk comes from brown cows.

I decided to ask my kids if they knew the answer. I knew they would get it right; we have made chocolate milk together after all. Ummmm, when I asked they said it came from brown cows. Thank God they are four and seven and I have time to teach these kids where their food comes from. I thought our veggie garden was sufficient. I was clearly wrong.

So I decided we should have some projects this summer showing them start to finish, hands on, where their food comes from. How it is made. And what the process looks like from the moment it is picked to the moment someone buys the product. 


  1. We visited Herbold Farm to pick our organic berries first. 
  2. We made our strawberry ginger jam. And strawberry lemonade.
  3. We created a cute label.
  4. We sold our product to the neighbors.

See that? We literally turned our embarrassing moment “lemons” into lemonade. 🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋

The kids really got into each part of this process. They had a blast and learned a ton. In the end they even made some money for all their hard work. Bonus!


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