Kissing Passions Away

PastedGraphic-2 (1)PastedGraphic-2 (1)PastedGraphic-2 (1)I woke up this morning with a big question on my heart. Why did I drop so many of my passions when I had kids?

I know the answer to this. A new passion came into my life: my children. Also, as wonderful as my children are, they are a lot of work and require a lot of time. There is only so much time in the day.

Not too long ago, I started craving some of my old passions. Pemberley is a toddler now. We are finished with the crazy demands of baby life. It was time for me to peek my head out in the world and smell the flowers.

I signed up for tennis clinics. Tennis, my long-lost love. The first few weeks I admit were humbling. Embarrassing even. After long, sleepless nights, I found that I was needing to give myself pep talks to get on the court. The ball was fuzzy, blurry coming at me in my sleep-deprived state. Half my shots were horrible. Week by week, the feel of my old swing would return to me. I started to develop new friendships. It quickly became the highlight of my week. If I had to miss a class, I found my body craving the exercise and not feeling right without it.

I have now joined a team and feel this great sense of accomplishment. Last week, a woman from class approached me and said she has noticed great improvement in my game. She asked ME for advice on how to improve hers. I was floored. I always admired this woman’s strong shots and consistency. Anyway, point is it is bringing me so much joy. It is my own thing outside the house. I come home rejuvenated and ready to be Mom again. I feel healthier, stronger, and frankly more beautiful.

Another thing that I’m loving right now is that Hayden is learning to play tennis too. I love that it is an important part of both of our weeks. Pemberley comes along and cruises around the court. They are learning that exercise is something we just do. Plus, soon I will get to play with both my kids. I can’t wait for the day we can go hit balls together! How neat to be creating a family sport. As a mom, you have a lot of power over what your family life will look like in the future. Lucky us!

I hope you have something like this in your life. If not, take a risk. I’m so glad I did. Believe it or not, I’m ending this here to go play tennis. Have a great day, everyone.

  1. Trish says:

    I so glad you guys have this to share. I’ve been trying to get my son into running with me. No luck yet but I’m not giving up.

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