9I can’t remember who once told me that, if you aren’t feeling pretty or don’t have time to get ready, throw on some red lipstick and call it good. I think it’s pretty good advice. I’ve definitely been complimented on my red lips more than any other lip color. If I want to make a statement, yup, red lips. Boring outfit + red lips = pretty sexy.

Let’s take a few situations: You are dropping kids off at school and you look less than your gorgeous self. You notice that somehow all the other moms somehow look like they just walked out of a salon and for some reason you feel . . . ummmm . . . embarrassed. Toss on a little red and somehow you will look a bit more pulled together. Some say they don’t look good in red lipstick. I don’t know; I’ve never seen anyone look bad in it, ever. The trick is finding the right red. I personally don’t like red lipstick that has too much blue in it.

Okay, another situation: You are out to dinner, you go to use the restroom, and you get a good look in the mirror. Shoot, you look washed out. The mirror at home was lying. Throw on the red and you instantly have brightened up. I sometimes take a bit off my lips and rub it into my cheeks. Now there is such a thing as too much. So if you have a busy outfit and tons of eye makeup, go for a nude lip please. Obviously red doesn’t match everything. Wearing pink? Please, no red.

I remember one summer I was invited onto a friend’s boat. She had been out on that boat for a week. She remarked that she felt so gross, hardly showered. I thought she looked absolutely beautiful. She had nothing remarkable on, hair in a ponytail, but she had on the prettiest red lipstick.

I’m always looking out for the right shade. I’ve found a few that I’m into lately that I want to pass along. This Christmas, I realized I needed to fill my stocking, so I ran to Sephora and stocked up on some new reds to try. I’m really into going for more natural brands that aren’t filled with chemicals and dead animal fat. Yes, that really is in lipstick. I’ve been told that’s what makes it so soft and creamy. Gross, right? So the brands I like are Tarte, Fresh, and Josie Maran. My super bold red that I use for evening is called Fierce by Tarte. It’s just the right shade. For daytime, my new fave is the color Cherry, product is Sugar, brand is Fresh. The one by Fresh is kind of like a ChapStick. Your lips feel soft for hours. The red is a bit more subtle but definitely red. I’m also trying out a lip and cheek stain by Josie Maran. The shade is Always Cherry. I’m still getting used to the idea of a stain. I’m using it and then adding a gloss on top.

It’s a new year, so here’s to—not a new you, because you are already fabulous—but maybe a bolder, sexier, and little less mommyfied you. Happy new year, everyone!


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