Let’s Thank the Firemen!

Last night, Hayden and I were praying for the firemen fighting the wildfires outside Sun Valley, Idaho. We prayed about how hard they work to protect us and asked God to keep them safe and bless them and their families.

Then I got an idea. H and I decided to show our gratitude by making cookies and delivering them. We got a whole crew on board for this mini-adventure. My mom went to the store for the ingredients, and my cousin Presha, our au pair Lina, Hayden, Pemberley, and I helped bake. I cannot tell a lie; it came from a box, but it was still baking. Anyway, we then set up our teatime just in time to sample to make sure the cookies weren’t going to poison the firemen. They were delicious, so we all piled in the car and headed to the station. We were greeted by a very friendly fireman, Eric, who offered us a tour. We all had a blast at the station. All we did was make cookies, a little gesture of appreciation. What we got in return was so, so much greater. Eric even gave H his own little fire hat.

What a cool day. I really hope that Hayden learned the importance of reaching out to thank people for their service. I’m a bit afraid he may just remember leaving with a full cookie belly and a cool hat. But my hope is that, if I keep doing things like this, maybe he’ll get the picture. Regardless, we hope the firemen returned to the station and were excited to see that someone cares and appreciates what they do.

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