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altruetteRecently, my friend Lee Clifford co-founded a company whose product has already been named the perfect Gift that Gives Back by both InStyle Magazine and DailyCandy.com. It’s also available at Fred Segal Santa Monica, where all the stars shop. So even if you’re shopping for a woman who has everything, she probably doesn’t have this yet—but you can bet it’s on her wish list!

Altruette is a classic line of charms and charm bracelets with a philanthropic twist: every charm helps support a cause you care about. The company partners with more than 25 non-profits (like Toys for Tots, the Nature Conservancy, and the Humane Society), some established charities and other smaller groups working for great causes.

For example, the ABC Book charm supports First Book, an organization that, for the past 20 years, has provided more than 70 million books to children from low-income families. The Coffee Cup charm supports TechnoServe, which helps small-scale farmers boost their income through new production methods. Fun, isn’t it? Take a look at the other charms on their website.

Fifty percent of the net profit from the sale of each charm goes directly to the charity it supports. And beyond the financial contribution, wearing your bracelet will give you the opportunity to raise awareness about the causes it represents.

The bracelets are beautifully made and come in gold and silver. I’ve already ordered a bracelet and charm as a Christmas gift for someone in my family—but I’m not saying who! In addition to the bracelets, Altruette sells a silver key ring named after Lee’s mom, Judy. The Judy Key Ring looks similar to a Tiffany’s key ring and is a great place to display a couple extra charms.

When I asked Lee how everything was going, she said that she is slammed but that it never feels like work. I love that Lee and her partner had an idea, took a risk, and went for it. Guaranteed that everyone will soon be collecting these charms. I’m already hounding her to make a charm for each of my favorite charities!

  1. pam green says:

    This was a Christmas gift that was very sentimental to me.
    I have the gold bracelet and Toys for Tots charm.
    I would like to collect a few more.
    Lee Clifford, the owner, is a close friend of my daughter’s and she is a special, smart young woman.

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