Lusty Lashes Extensions by Swink

When I walk into Swink, I feel like I have entered a movie set from Sex and the City. It is all girl. I love it there. They do three services, and they do them well: hair blowouts and updos, makeup, and lashes. I love the lashes because I no longer need to use mascara. Ladies, don’t fool yourselves; you need to accentuate your lashes. They are your key to looking beautiful, pulled together, and enticing. People use the phrase “batting your eyelashes” for a reason. Long, dark lashes are sexy.

During my fourth trimester (the first three months of Hayden’s life), it was something of a miracle if I left the house with a matching pair of shoes. Finding time and energy to put on mascara was a joke. When I did put on mascara, I always regretted it because I was so tired I inevitably rubbed my eyes and created massive black circles bigger than my sleep deprivation had already given me (if that’s possible). I didn’t figure out the trick about lash extensions until recently, but I’m glad I did. With the extensions, you always look pulled together and well rested, and you have the sex appeal thing going. How often you go in for a fill depends on your lash cycle (how quickly you naturally shed your lashes). I was blessed in this area and went in every six to eight weeks. Most people go every three to four.
This could be me being paranoid, but I wouldn’t get lash extensions while pregnant or breastfeeding. They glue the extensions to your real lashes, and there are some minor fumes from the glue. Also, some people (myself included) get itchy eyelids because their skin is sensitive to the glue. It’s rare, but it can happen. I just took the lashes off and am waiting for the new glue for sensitive eyes to arrive, which should be there anytime.


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