Mini Adventure to the Ballard Locks

IMG_3961We needed an afternoon activity this past weekend, and so I brought the kids to the Ballard locks. I thought they might enjoy seeing the fish and boats.

I tried explaining the fish ladder, how it works and why. This was a bit of a fail, BUT they did enjoy seeing the big fish up close.

Next we headed to the boat elevator. They thought this was pretty fun. Pemberley was kind of upset that she couldn’t go hop on the boat of her choice.

It was really hot, so we went into the adjacent park to catch some shade. On the other side of the park, we found a fish and chips spot that sold us some ice cream and water to cool down. If I could do it over again, I would have planned this around lunchtime and hit the fish and chips spot for lunch and brought it into the park for a picnic. I remembered while paying that my mom said her dad used to take her and her siblings to this spot. Kind of fun to stumble across this place.

I think for me the best part of the outing was sitting on the park bench under this beautiful tree that seemed to rain flowers on us the whole time. It was a pretty and relaxing outing. I’m not sure the kids learned a lot, but they had a nice time. Looking for an outing? I think it is worth a visit.




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