I have a new favorite toy! It is a mini pie maker—the size of a panini maker. This (new to me) machine has been so much fun to play with, I had to share with you all.

I have to admit that baking is not something that comes easily to me. In fact, I usually mess up whatever I’m baking because of my need to be creative and lack of willingness to follow directions. For some reason, though, this pie maker works for me. I found a great mini pies recipe book, which has been wonderful for ideas. So far I have made strawberry (with fresh berries from my strawberry patch), mixed berry, spinach and feta, and a veggie pot pie. They have turned out amazing. The best part is, so long as I get the dough done accurately, I can be creative with the filling.

The pie maker makes four mini pies at a time. I love this! Perfect for gifts. My thought is to make savory pies as gifts for new parents that they can freeze and reheat on a night when they can’t deal with cooking. I also think the pie maker would be a great wedding gift. I’m so excited about it that I have already given it to two families as a gift.

Should you decide to try it, here are some tools you might want to have on hand:

Happy baking!

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