Mud Fest—Oops, I Mean Tulip Festival

It’s been a while since our last Tulip Festival outing. In fact, I believe I was newly pregnant with Pemberley the last time. One thing I remember clearly from the last time was the crazy amount of mud.

I thought I was so smart this time coming armed with tennis shoes and rain boots for the kids. Hayden raced ahead of me the second he saw the mud and took a flying leap right into it. Pemberley ran right after him doing exactly the same thing. Poor Pemberley lost her boots and was standing up to her knees in mud. I went to rescue her and went ankle deep into the mud myself. Funny thing is it was so fun. We might have been a muddy mess running around the field, but we loved it all the same. Thinking back, I think the mud actually made it more fun.

We were at Tulip Town and they had a tractor ride you could go on. That was the highlight of the trip for Hayden. Hayden also loved watching the fancy kites they had flying. Once we were frozen solid, we headed inside for some hot cocoa. I wrote an article on the Tulip Festival last time I went with tips. See it here. What would I do differently next time? Not a thing. Bring clothes that can get dirty. A warm coat. Cash. Everything is cash only. A camera. You will want pics. Other than that, just go. It’s a blast.






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