I recently had the honor of spending the day with my friend Patti Payne. You may know Patti from her amazing column in the Puget Sound Business Journal. Maybe you know her from seeing her band play or maybe from watching her emcee an event. Either way, everyone seems to know Patti. They don’t just know her; they love her. Now I’ve known Patti for several years but had never spent one-on-one time with her. On Facebook, she is always talking about canning this food and that. This speaks right to my heart. I’m such a Martha Stewart wannabe. I’m super into my veggie garden and finding ways to use what I’ve grown. I overheard Patti talking at a party about making cranberry sauce, and I invited myself over to her house to learn. She, being the gracious lady she is, accepted and we made a date.

I showed up at Patti’s house excited to learn about canning. I did learn and left with a gazillion jars of various types of cranberry sauce we made. So cool to learn a new skill. But I learned something much more interesting that day than how to make cranberry sauce. The entire time I was there, I felt so loved and cared for. It was like she put an emotional warm blanket over me and swaddled me tight. That’s how I felt, held tight in this great hug. She showed me the beautiful artwork on her walks, all done by different friends. She shared with me the heartwarming story of her adorable rescue dog Angel. I basked in what felt like sunshine from her yellow walls and ate a delicious salad she made for us. We shared our hearts, laughed, and even might have cried a little. This day was such a huge blessing to me.

So here is what I learned. Well, obviously I learned how to make a fabulous cranberry sauce. But more than that, I think I learned skills about loving someone. I can’t wait for the opportunity to bring someone I don’t know too well into my home and just love on her. To be a sounding board, cook for her, and just be with her in the middle of whatever is happening in her life. I will always treasure my day with Patti and can’t wait to be somebody else’s “Patti.”

  1. Patti Payne says:

    You are such a joy to be with and it was all wonderful for me to have you over and have fun with you. You’ve got it all going for you, Ms. Mom About Town, and you need your own TV show. Let’s go for it!

  2. Ally says:

    Love this, Paige! Great, great post! You already are a Patti to more people than you know. And, those babies of yours, they are the luckiest ones.

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