Pemberley and I were recently asked by Bellevue Lifestyle Magazine to be a part of their May mother / daughter feature issue–focusing on Mother’s Day. We were thrilled to be asked (hint…we are on page 50). I thought this would be such a fun way to share some mommy and me time with Pemberley!

Favorite Things

It was a fun process working with Pem figuring out what our “favorite things” were for the article and figuring out what would look nice in a pic on print. 


What to Wear

Picking out our outfits for the photo shoot was an adventure. I knew I wanted to wear a Sarah Alexandra shirt. They are so crisp and classic. It was perfect. We visited Sarah at her store/office to see what was in her new line. It was a tough choice, they are all so beautiful. In the end I went with a light blue that I knew would match everything. I love the style with the collar up and buttons hidden. Classic and unique at the same time.  

Getting Styled

On the day of the shoot Pem and I went to have our hair done at o2 blow dry bar. They did a beautiful job and were so good with Pemberley.

We were surprised at the end when they asked us to take pics in their photo room for the social media page. The pics turned out so cute and it marks a fun memory with my girl. 

Photo Shoot

Life N Light photographers came to our home to get the pictures for the article. Pemberley was pretty nervous before they arrived which is unlike her and cute. This was a really big deal for her. Kind of an unknown. They immediately put her at ease. They were so so fun to work with. I remember thinking what music is Alexa playing? I don’t remember asking her to play this? I gotta figure out what it is because it’s perfect. I should have known it came from this crew of hip photographers.

They shot us doing our thing. Making tea, playing in the back yard and running around with our dog, Dixie, on the beach. When the shoot was over we were kind of sad, we were having so much fun with them. 

A Song of Love

We were interviewed as well and when they reached out to us for a quote from Pem she happened to be in the ER with a stomach ache. Her response about how she would describe our relationship melted my heart. She sang her response to me while hooked up with tubes, etc. I sat in the hospital chair looking at my two kids exhausted, depleted and scared for Pemberley–though she is all better now. However my heart was so so full. I was and am incredibly thankful, blessed and thrilled to have them. 

I thought this was the perfect issue for me to be contributing to because my greatest accomplishment in my life and my greatest joy is being their mom. Happy Mother’s Day!


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