Oh Roomba, Where Have You Been All My Life?

I recently had to buy a new vacuum and bought the most impractical but most fun thing ever. Well, at least I thought it was impractical as I was shaking my head at myself in the checkout line. Little did I know this gadget, vacuum (toy, shall we call it?) would turn out to be the best thing I’ve ever bought. Why oh why did I wait so long to pull the trigger? I’ve wanted a Roomba I believe for about seven years. I remember telling everyone I wanted one for Christmas for a couple years, but nobody got it for me. Anyway, I finally decided to get it for myself. I can’t stop watching. No need for TV anymore. Okay, maybe don’t ditch the TV, but it really is entertaining.

How cool is this? It just wanders around the house cleaning and, when it’s out of batteries, it finds its way to its home (docking station) to charge. It comes with two blocks that you can place around to either keep it in or out of an area. When emptying the dirt, I could not believe how much it picked up so quickly. It’s really thorough. I would highly recommend this for moms who want fewer chores, moms with babies crawling on the floor, and moms with kids who leave a constant trail of dirt and crumbs. Pet owners, please do yourselves a favor. Just pull the trigger and get one. Don’t pull a me and wait seven years. You will love it!!!

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