Our Au Pair Lina, a Saving Grace!

When baby Pemberley came along, I found myself busier than I’d ever been before. After being up all night with her, caring for Hayden in the morning in the way he deserved was a challenge. I also found it tough to maintain Hayden’s long bedtime routine with a screaming baby who needed my attention at the same time. I realized I needed someone who lived with us who could have odd hours helping a bit in the morning and maybe a bit later on. The au pair option seemed so perfect, because my family gets the added bonus of learning another language and learning about another culture.

At first, we got an au pair from France. It became almost immediately obvious that this wasn’t going to work. She was a better fit for a family with older kids. Cultural Care Au Pair is the company I was using, and they couldn’t possibly have handled the situation better. Before I knew it, we had our new au pair, Lina from Colombia, at our house. She was a perfect match for us. She loves Hayden and Pemberley, and we absolutely adore her. She has become a part of our family. We have loved learning about her culture, family, and of course food. I’m loving beefing up my Spanish. Pemberley loves the music, and oftentimes it’s the only way to calm her.

I do have one regret in this process, and that is that I wish I had done it long ago.

If you have questions about the process, don’t hesitate to call Shannon Kearney Lessard from Cultural Care Au Pair. She was so sweet to talk me through the matching process and answer any questions I had. Be sure to tell her I sent you; I told her I was going to write about my experience.

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