Our Sugar Tree Forest

A long time ago, I stumbled across an idea on Pinterest or online somewhere—the idea of turning ice cream cones into trees. I like this sooooo much better than the gingerbread houses. I’m not talented enough for the houses. I also think for little ones, it’s just plain easier.

At the store, I grabbed green colored frosting and white frosting in a spray can. I already had sprinkles galore. I was wishing I had the silver ball sprinkles for this one. Would have been so pretty.

All you need to do for this craft is put something over your workspace before you start. It makes life way easier when cleaning up sprinkles. Spread frosting on the cones and use sprinkles and candy on top. We found it easiest to put our fingers inside the cone when applying frosting. Lina, our Au Pair from Colombia, did this activity with us. Hers looked like a piece of art. Hayden’s and mine . . . well, they were cute and tasted great.

We put on Christmas music and had the best time doing this project. This will definitely be a tradition going forward. I loved it; we all did.

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