Out of My Comfort Zone, and Loving It!

So just before Halloween I went into a store to buy Pemberley her first ballet shoes. One thing led to another, and I found myself signed up for tap classes. I left the store saying to myself, “What on earth possessed me to do that?” I’m super uncoordinated. I’m a terrible dancer.
But it seemed like a doable challenge. Something to keep me out of my comfort zone, learning something new, and heck, getting a little exercise.
After the first class, I started hearing about the spring recital. WHAT!!!!! Recital? So you mean I’m going to have to actually do this in front of people? Okay. Now I’m terrified. Turns out I’m loving it. I may be going the wrong way half the time, but I’m enjoying it. Here’s a video from today’s routine I learned. Yes, I screw up a few times, but man, it’s fun.
Why on earth am I showing this to you all? I guess my hope is you will go sign up for something random and terrifying and find yourself loving it as much as I am tap. So please accept this challenge, and I want to hear about what you are signed up for.

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