“Mom, I am good with a scooter, I don’t need to learn to ride a bike.” Pleaded Pemberley on the drive to her first day at Pedalheads camp.

Pemberley, if you don’t know her, is suuuuper competitive and doesn’t like walking into a situation where she may not be the best at something.

Also, the girl has no fear BUT, I think I might of sensed a bit of fear on her. Gasp.


We arrived at pedalheads and she shuffled her feet a bit until she realized I was really going to be making her do the camp. Once reality set in she hopped on the bike and went into beast mode trying to master bike riding before they had a chance to give her any instruction.

I left hoping for the best.

Throughout the week Pemberley was excited to go to camp and each day the counselors reported on her improvement and what she needed to work on.

I was so impressed by the staff and their attention to the helmets, the bike and how it might need a seat raise etc. Every time I was there ALL the kids seemed happy and engaged. Not sure how they managed to do that, but they did.

On the last day they had a parade for the parents to watch. I saw my “I’m good with a scooter” girl not just riding her bike but doing tricks. (True Pemberley form).

The thing that impressed me the most was talking to the counselor on the last day. He told me he had been telling his family he is really going to miss the kids. He said he had bonded with them and had such a fun week with them. It seemed to have taken him by surprise how he had gotten attached to them. I loved this. I remember having the same reaction when I was a camp counselor.

In closing I just want to say I’ve had both my kids go through Pedalheads and both had wonderful experiences. I’m really thankful for this camp and the service they provide. Merci, Pedalheads.


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