I didn’t see it coming. I should have, but I didn’t. You know how when your child starts inching toward a milestone and you see that it will happen at any moment and you are ready with camera in hand. Well, it happened and I had no idea it was coming.

Lately, Pemberley has asked me to pray nonstop for random people and things. Pretty sure we have prayed for our dog Dixie about five times in the last 48 hours. Mind you, there is nothing wrong with Dixie. I didn’t get why she was constantly asking for prayers, but I see now. She was studying.

Last night at dinner, I asked Hayden to say grace. He typically jumps at the chance but was pretty tired from a long ski day and declined. Pemberley said, “I want to do it.” So we all bowed our heads and she prayed the sweetest little prayer in a tiny whisper that only I could hear. It was precious. A magical milestone moment over a plate of tacos on a Saturday night.

She recognized she had done it and done it well. She beamed but in a subtle, quiet way. She had done it and then found her voice in prayer. When I put her down for bed, she wanted to say the prayers. This time without all the other ears and eyes to watch her, she prayed with a strong voice. With conviction. Yes, again we prayed for Dixie. She prayed, and at the end she smiled. She was proud. It was such a special moment.

I’m excited to watch her faith grow. I love hearing kids pray. It is so neat to hear their hearts and what makes them cry out to God. It is such an honor to be Hayden and Pemberley’s mom and get to witness these neat moments. I’ve so loved watching Hayden’s faith grow. I can’t believe I get to do this with Pemberley too. Being a single mom with young kids can sometimes be tough, but these are the moments that wash away any feelings of frustration. It was a golden nugget day.


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