Pink Tutus and All Things Girl

Last night, my friend Eliza Flug-Coburn invited me to the Pacific Northwest Ballet’s production of Cinderella. Believe it or not, I don’t think I had been to the ballet since I myself was on that very stage playing a mouse in Maurice Sendak’s The Nutcracker. I was a terrible ballerina. I exited stage the wrong way. I remember my big moment on stage along with the big clock with the swinging legs—I ran around it the wrong way and almost got hit by the giant legs. I’m sure the ballet company thought, “Wow, what a mistake casting the little blond, dyslexic girl.” My last performance, I walked off stage and said, “Well, that’s enough of that.” And it was. I moved on to sports.

But last night, watching the ballet moved my heart in a way I never expected. It awakened something in me—romantic dreams and appreciation for a story told through dance. I was delighted by the beautiful sets. I was in a dreamlike state watching the dancers float and twirl across the stage. I was able to let all thoughts of the craziness of everyday life disappear. For that evening, I was able to root for a girl at a ball, falling in love with a prince. Oh, and the finale was so beautiful. The kind of beautiful that little girls dream of. Dancing with a prince with glitter falling from the sky.

The whole time I was there, I kept thinking, “Oh, I can’t wait to take my daughter to the ballet.” It made me soooo excited to be having a girl. I have been so blessed by my little boy. I’ve loved almost every minute. I watch Hayden with Reagan sharing in all things boy, and it’s beautiful. I can’t believe I am going to get a chance to do the same.

I guess I want to share this with you because doing something like going to the ballet can be expensive and take effort and time that nobody seems to have. But I believe that it will create precious memories and creative dreams in your children. Try it out; go check it out. I think you will be so glad you did.

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