Prayers of Thanksgiving

Prayer is a big thing in our home. We do it often. One of our favorite prayers to do at bedtime is a prayer of thanksgiving. It kind of feels like a game, actually. We take turns listing all the blessings in our lives and what we are thankful for. I love doing this with the kids because it opens the door for conversations about how things like shoes and toys that they’re grateful for aren’t necessarily things everyone has. We talk about how blessed we are to be going to bed with full bellies and not having to worry about when we will get to eat again. We get to sleep in a cozy warm bed. Under a roof. In soft, cute PJs.

I think doing this has been important in times when I see attitudes of ungratefulness or when they see something they want and feel that they will automatically be receiving it. I don’t do much spur-of-the-moment buying for them. I like for them to earn toys and things like that, but from time to time a little attitude of “I want this now” creeps in and we need to work on being grateful. I do it for them, but I always walk away just floored by how blessed we are. When you start looking at what you have, thinking about what you don’t have starts to melt away. Such a great exercise for EVERYONE. I really hope you try this sometime. I would love to hear how it goes.


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